how to make player move with the camera

so i just started using unity. And was trying to make a simple third person movement script. So right now i have both the movements and the camera controls working the only problem is that i dont know how to make the player move with the camera. I searched around the internet and have still yet to find a simple solution. If anyone reading this has the time and is willing to help me out i would really appreciate it :slight_smile: .

You can drag the camera onto the player and make it
its child, or just download a free 3rd person movement
kit from the asset store

As @cringemaster907 already said, you can place the camera as a child of the player and it will follow the player. The thing is it might look strange since it will stick to the player. Better thing to do is to place a β€œtaget” object as the player child, at the position you want the camera to be, and tell the camera to follow the target with lerp. This will look way smoother.