How to make Poly Bridge-like bridges in unity 2d?

I’m currently working on making a 2D Poly Bridge replica in Unity, and I’m already stuck. The issue is that I can’t find a good way to make bridges capable of the following conditions:

  • Works regardless of mass difference
  • Puts pressure on the bridge from the materials, not the nodes
  • Can break
  • Cars are able to drive on road and ONLY road
  • Nodes have little/no mass and connect everything together
  • Nodes can collide with the terrain while nothing else can (except the cars maybe road)
  • All parts of the bridge rotate on nodes

This is being done in Unity 2019.3 and swapping to a newer version may not be an option. The following things seem not to work:

  • Hinge joints
  • Distance joints
  • Relative joints
  • Fixed joints (for obvious reasons)
  • Friction joints

Please try to keep the answer as simple as possible to prevent 900 lines of painstaking code trying to recreate rigidbody physics from scratch. Thank you!

I may have found a solution. I connected joints to objects with the parts as childs, so they will move in sync, I am now attempting to simulate an increase in mass by increasing the amount of force each non-node puts on it’s joint. There’s just 1 issue, I can’t figure out how much force each part’s putting on it’s joints, and I need this in order to amplify it. I’m not finding anything online that can help me with this, and nothing I am doing is working. Anyone got any tips?