How to make raycast go through various colliders

HI there…!! well i realy need help with this plz…!!!

so the things is that i want to raycast and that ray get me all colliders that the ray go through.

Imagine you have 2 sphere colliders, a sphere inside a sphere, so one in center with the tag core and the other the bigger one called shield, and when i raycast lets say i just want for now Debug.log(); the tag the collider have on console so the console out put will be:


and etc if there were other colliders in the raycast trayectory.

plz guys help me with this…!! what i try to achive is to identify where my player got hit so the player have a mesh collider but to know where the bullet hit like arm, leg, body, head etc. i would like to use a trigger, or if some one out there got another idea on how to know on where part of the body the bullet hip pla make me know…!!!

I guess this should do it: