How to make rigidbody bounce off the mouse? (2D)

Hey guys, I have an idea for a 2D game where you bounce something with the mouse cursor. I don’t know how to do it, or if its even possible. I got as far as attaching a rigidbody to the mouse curser, but the problem is that a moving mouse has got no force. It can interact with rigidbodies, but it doesnt really bounce off.
I got an idea that I could take the speed of the mouse and add an equivalent force to the mouserigidbody every frame but the problem is that the mouserigidbody shouldnt collide with walls. Can I make a rigidbody only collide with colliders of a specific tag? How would you solve the problem?

Did you try adding mass to the mouse rigid object? If it has enough mass and force, it should react with other objects (that are not kinematic).

You can base collisions on layers to avoid the walls: Layer based collision.

Thanks for your responses, I solved the problem like I described, the Layer based collisions did the trick. You said yourself there has to be force and mass. But wenn you move something with the mouse (position = mouseposition) it doesnt have force. I remove the force of the mouse rigidbody every frame and then add the calculated mouse speed as force to it. Now it works. Also layer based collisions and the better collision detect type are important.