How to make rigidbody move with another rigidbody respecting physics?

I have the body of the forklift and the forks themselves both using their own separate rigidbodies. Now I just cant figure out the correct way to connect them so that the forks will always move with the lift but use correct physics. Every example of a forklift I’ve seen uses the same model. But the model Im making is the crown rm6000, this type of forklift raises the forks up to 280 inches in the air. Im not sure if it would require:

1). some type of fixed or configurable joint.


2). Move the forks with physics and just have the body follow them.

I am not sure exactly what you are trying to do, but it looks like you can achieve it by making the forks a child of the body. Then when you move the body the forks will move with it. The hinge joint is a good idea if you want to have the forks slide up and down, during game play.

I hope this helps.