How to make root motion in cat .fbx drive movement?

I’ve been playing around with the ‘new’ Sample Assets Beta, in an attempt to teach myself the new best practices, Mecanim and driving movement with animation from my modelling program (in this instance, Blender).

I’m about done with the rigidbody character controller scripts (conclusion: very interesting, but wayyy more complicated than you need to prototype and make a small game, especially for one person), I’ve developed some respect and maybe a sneaking fondness for Mecanim… but I can’t seem to make my cat model move with root motion.

I’ve turned on ‘Use Root Motion’, turned it off, tried driving it through a script (OnAnimatorMove()), baked the rotation, translation in Y and XZ, unbaked it, based the calculations on original and root bone and and and AND–

THE DAMNED THING WON’T MOVE FORWARD (one animation) WHEN I USE THE INPUT AXIS! It just plays the walk-forward animation and stands still. Meanwhile Ethan and his hipster glasses and stupid frosted hair gads about like a cherub on pcp.

Can anybody provide me with a clear explanation and/or example of what I’m doing wrong with this project? [Prefab with cropped assets from Sample Assets Beta, my test cat w/animation, Mecanim animator and test scripts enclosed.][1]

G’wan! Deliver a Christmas Miracle! =D


You have two options.

  1. Make your model move forwards in Blender.

  2. Refer to this