How to make scaled experience leveling?

So what im imagining is min level on my character is 0 and max is a 100, at lvl 0 you have 0 experience and at lvl 100 you have 100k or something. And leveling from 1 to 2 should require a tiny bit of experience while from 99 to a 100 should require a lot. So i need some kind of formula that works with that kind of system or something similar.

My game works like a wave system so enemies spawn after a certain amount of time or going to a new scene or area. So having enemies that drop more experience over time could be calculated by what Wave you are on/ the integer that stores the wave number.

But i cant think of a way to scale it properly or scale it based on a max number like 100k experience or max lvl of 100.

Anyone have an idea of how to do this?

I recommend checking out this article. It goes over XP formulas used in commercial games, and ends with showing you how to create your very own formula.