How to make screenshot on Android?

Hello everybody,

I’d like to record everything my camera can see on a Unity application, on my android device.

I thought of using function “CaptureScreenshot” at everyframe, to save thoses screenshots and then make a video out of it with ffmepg (I didn’t went that far though).
But the function doesn’t seem to work well on Android: when I do: Application.CaptureScreenshot(Application.dataPath + screenshotFilename);
it doesn’t save the images anywhere (or I can’t find them).

I thought they would be in the application file (com.Qualcomm.QCARUnityPlayer in my case), but it’s empty… However, the function seems to work because my application is getting slower.

Does someone have ever succeed in using this function with an Android device, or have an idea how to do what I want in another way?

Thank you for your time and help!

Did you manage to sort this out? I’m trying to do something similar, and need feedback.