How to make Scriptable Objects, Scene Objects and Prefabs hand localizable like the UI TMP_Text box

Version 2022.3.5f1 Localization Package 1.4.5

I like the way the TMP_Text UI Component is localized. I don't have a huge database so hand-localization is perfectly doable, specifically for the classes i already have in the game, which contain a fair amount of text.


Unfortunately when i try to edit a ScriptableObject i don't get the "green textbox" while localizing and the content i type in "Italian" overwrites the English/Standard content.
Also if i use right click on a string field on a Scr.Obj there is no "localizeProperty" option.


The same happens on a Prefab with a Scripted behaviour, like our WeaponController. It's strings cannot be localized. As I type for the first time it seems like the system is starting up as i see a green textbox flicker, but then it returns dark grey and the behaviour is similar to that i have seen in the scriptable objects.


Actually the problem with the prefabs should be solved, as I understood that editing the properties from the Project window does not work, while doing it after opening the Prefab in a scene view does.

We don't support scriptable objects, we need to attach the data to the object and there's not way to do that with a scriptable object. I would use the LocalizedString and LocalizedAssets for this.