how to make several scenes with one server?

Hello, i need to make a couple of “rooms” and i have only one server, what i mean is, when a user connects, it has the “room” number, and the “room” has instantiated objects. it needs to instantiate only the objects that are in this “room”. I tried groups but it didn’t work so well. Thank you for reading.

I think you will need to develop your own solution as i don’t know about unity feature that would do this for you.
So technically there will be one server to which all players will connect, and the server will simulate all rooms in a single scene. Then you will set scopes of NetworkViews so only players in the room will get updates from objects and players in the same room.

This won’t be possible without drawbacks (you can’t use loading unity scenes for each room separately) so you probably need to write your own scene loader and instantiate the scene for each room (only on server). Also many other features won’t work properly on the server, like FindObjects.