How to make Shadow map?

Shadow from the rendering environment, such as below image, should be saved as a Shadow map.
I have tried for a long time, but I can not do it.
Please tell me how.

Thank you.

have a look here: Unity - Scripting API: Rendering.CommandBuffer.SetShadowSamplingMode

The sample of code do a copy of a shadowmap in a RenderTexture.

The thought behind shadow mapping is very straightforward: we render the scene from the light’s perspective and all that we see from the light’s point of view is lit and all that we can’t see must be in shadow. Envision a story segment with an extensive box amongst itself and a light source. Since the light source will see this container and not the floor area when looking toward its that particular floor segment ought to be in shadow.

The basic shadowmap set of rules is composed in passes. First, the scene is rendered from the point of view of the light. Simplest the depth of every fragment is computed. Subsequent, the scene is rendered as traditional, however with a further check to see it the present day fragment is in the shadow.

The “being inside the shadow” test is honestly pretty easy. If the current pattern is in addition from the light than the shadowmap on the identical point, this means that the scene consists of an object this is in the direction of the mild. In different words, the contemporary fragment is within the shadow.

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