how to make sun?

I am trying to create sun for my project.

Added one sphere, scaled it 2,2,2
Imported Light Flare package
Added a point light and added sun flare to it. Increased range from 10 to 50 and intensity from 1 to 8.

But when I run the scene it does not glow like it want it to be. Please have a look at the image for the desired result. I am also attaching the project. Just one scene and 3 objects in it, so can anyone do this for me.!



The function of answers is not to have people do the work for you, but rather to advise on how to do things and answer questions.

For the Sun - select an appropriate shader for your sun material, such as self-illum > Diffuse and set a sun colour

For the flare:

So your reference image has a sun with flares coming out in many directions, so you would need to create a flare texture image (or use one created) that provides a semi transparent white shape that approximates the lines and flares excluding the sun shape in your reference image a bit like a star. Fill a star shape in white when you create a texture, then create an alpha channel and fill it with black but copy the star shape at 50% grey This will give you a semi transparent white flare texture when you save a tga or png. Set the appropriate shader such as FX > Flare to your flare material and import and assign the flare texture.