How to make targeted lighting

Has anyone managed to get OnParticleCollision with the lightning bolt from procedural examples? Or know how to make targeted lightning?

I downloaded the procedural examples folder from the asset store. In it is a lightning example, which I modified and put in my project as a test. However I can’t get OnParticleCollision to work with it. Has anyone managed this? If not, anyone know how to make targeted particle emitters i.e. lightning or fire?

Cheers guys. Hopefully one day soon I’ll be able to answer some questions for other people too. Bit of a noob now :frowning:

This has been bugging me for days and I’ve finally found a solution. For others wondering why their particle system might not be causing collisions, you need to have a particle animator switched on with some measure of force applied. I did this and voila, it all works! I now have targeted lightning that I can destroy objects with :slight_smile: