How to make Temple Run 2 like magnetic particle effect.

Hey guys!

How would I go about creating particles orbit around a sphere like this?

Assuming the sphere you are referring to is the temple runner, you could create a particle system on the ‘sphere’.

-Set speed to 0
-Start size to random between two constants ; 1.2 and 2
-Start rotation to random between two constants ; 0 and 360

  • Set Emission Rate to 1
    -Change the shape to box, with 0, 0 ,0.
  • Chance Velocity over Lifetime to ; 0, 0.2, 0
    -Set Color over Lifetime to a gradient where the beginning and end are 0 opacity, and the middle is 100 percent opacity.
    -Change Rotation Over Lifetime to random between -90 and 90 or 0 and 180
    -Set up Renderer like this :
    Render mode : Mesh
    Mesh : Sphere or Lowpoly Sphere or Cylinder.
    Material : RimSpark


Make a material named RimSpark or whatever, make it an additive particle material using the above image or something like it.

With a bit of tweaking you should be able to get something similar and to your liking.

Here is what I made :

Follow this gif to recreate what I made :