How to make the car's code more simple

I make in my game a car. To make the car move I downloaded the Car Tutorial (link here) to learn how to learn the basics in car’s movement. The problem is that this is not exactly what I looked for because all the effects there, there is to much effects in the car’s code so I can’t understand what is important to the movement of the car and what not. I’m afraid to edit a bit the code so it will fit to my game and the car will not work becuse I removed an effect or somthing.

My question is this: Someone can help me make the car’s code more simple and easy to understanding? just remove all the effects there (the shaders, the lights, the gear…) and keep only what is importent to the movement of the car (move forward/backward and steering including the wheels rotation). What I’m tring to make is just a tank with wheels, not a race game with fast and good looking cars. I use that tutorial because this is the colsest thing for the car movement that I found.

Sorry for poor english.

At best, this is a very difficult to read question. With so much code, it would probably be more useful to just post a link to the example project from which it came.

But I think you would be best served by trying to create your own car by slowly adding features until it does what you want rather than paring down a very complex example that you don’t understand. Start with simply a chassis and four wheels (not even steerable). Give that a push, or roll it down a hill. See if you can adjust the wheels and suspension to behave like you want. Play with the mass properties and friction values. Attach a graphical object to the wheels so you can see them spinning, etc. I believe you will learn a great deal very quickly this way. You can of course refer to the car demo for ideas, but try to do them yourself rather than just cut and paste.

Posting that amount of code and asking people to clean it up for you is most likely not going to happen on Unity Answers.

If you really need this done badly you’re probably better off asking on the Commercial Work Forum to help you for a fee.

And as helicats mentions above, instead of posting so much code you’re better off linking so much code to a file or complete scene on the internet somebody can download.