How to make the CC(character controller) jump and push


I’m working on a project and I’m using the FPS character controller, I modified the code in order to make him able to push other objects, and the code works nice and easy. However now the CC is able to push but not able to jump any more, if I remove the push code is able to jump again, I need both the mechanics someone can help me?

I code in Javascript.

thank you.

I already found a possible solution. If you don’t mind about changing from the standard character motor+ FPSInputController to the FPSWalkerEnhanced.

I tried the FPSWalkerEnhanced you can get from here: .

Then I just added the part from the link you posted in the OnControllerColliderHit and it worked. I was able to push rigidbody and still be able to jump. I think changing the Character Motor so that it works will be a bit difficult and if I’m honest i prefer to use the FPSWalkerEnhanced.

Hope it helps.