How to make the edges of a cube smoother?

Hello. I want to make the edges of a Cube smoother. Now they aren’t so precise and I want to bee smooth.
I used the antialising, but it does not affect so much the game. It only makes a bit smoother .Look at some photos:


In other levels, even the red cube is affected by the same thing. For see the problem better,zoom on the image.
Please help me someone I really need to solve that problem, because here in the unity player it isn’t so notable, but in game yes

That’s your laptop screen’s resolution problem. Increase it to 1600, it’ll go away

Smoothing edges is called beveling in 3D modelling tools. Unless you want to write a shader somehow clamping the surface normal on most parts of the surface, creating one in a modelling tool is the way to go.

Three options in my opinion:

  • Use anti aliasing
  • Create your own smoothed cube in a 3D
  • Write your own smooth edge shader

And there is any Anti Alising settings wich I need to set @SohailBukhari ?