How to make the engagement of two textures on terrain more natural?

Hey guys, I’m currently trying to learn how to deal with terrain textures placing. One way that I came up to place textures on terrain is using splatmaps. So I will firstly add different textures in default unity terrain editor. Then I will enable the texture I want at specific coordinate by setting that splatweight to 100%, others to 0. After that, I can get the result below.

Result 1

Result 2

As you can see, the whole look is not bad but there’s a problem with the boundaries of different textures. They look so fake because of no smooth transition. So I tried mark the boundaries and change their splatweight to 50% of one texture and 50% of the other one. And I got this.

Result 1

Better but still not good enought. You can still see the lines or boundaries. So, does anyone have a better idea?

I know it’s an old question, but in case anyone stumbles on it in his/her googling - here’s an idea: try using a blending mask, where you’d manually (if you need some complicated blending) draw R and B channel, blending them together - and then multiply your textures by the values of these channels.