How to make the MainCamera 'far clipping plane' a Sphere

I’ve searched a long time with different tags like viewdistance drawdistance circle sphere… but I cannot find any information about this…

How do I set the “draw distance” called “Clipping Planes - far” on the main camera, to a Circle/Sphere form? I can see further in my gameworld near the edges of my screen because the “draw distance” is set to a square as default!

Like in Minecraft, you can set this “draw distance” to a sphere or square, you just loose some FPS if you choose sphere…

Is it really possible that this feature is not implemented in Unity3D ?

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I found this with a quick Google search…


There’s no global setting but the solution is to set the far clip plane further away and then use per-layer culling for all visible layers to cull them before that distance and set layerCullSpherical to true.

you should set the layer’s layerCullDistance and set the camera’s layerCullSpherical as true

like this

float distances = new float[32];

distances[0] = 20 //smaller than your camera clipping planes’s far value
Camera.main.layerCullDistances = distances;

Camera.main.layerCullSpherical = true;**

I believe you could do it by rendering an inverted sphere with a DepthMask shader, positioned before everything else in the render queue.

Yeah, I’m kinda new to Unity, but I think that’s not implemented. If it really bothers you, you could set up a script for every bigger gameobject so that it disables the MeshFilter when the distance is greater than a maxDist between the camera and the gameobject, but I don’t know performance-wise how that handles.