How to make the Skybox visible only through a window?

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to make the skybox visible only through a window like object?

I’m trying to make a portal kind of thing with ARKit.

I’m using Depth mask to hide the objects behind

So it actually looks like this

The problem here is, the AR Camera needs to be cleared with depth only and so the skybox inside the portal is not visible.

After passing through the portal I can make the camera to clear skybox but before entering into the portal I need to see the skybox.

Is there any way to make the skybox visible with shaders or somehow?

I hope you understand my question.

Thank you

I think what you are talking about is something like this : Fake Interior
Check out the “Fake Interior” in that link.

Use skybox in the camera, and select the one you need in the render texture

Here is a GREAT youtube channel with low subscribers and relatively not known Ned Makes Games - YouTube he makes great tutorials very professional and well versed. He has a skybox with clouds shader tutorial video that you can check. Good luck with your project.