How to make third person playble character

How do i make playable third person character if i have 3d model and animations

This question is rather broad… But Ill try my best to help. To make a third person character, you’l first need to place the camera in the position you want (behind the model at a slight angle down towards it). Then you can use the already made character controller on the player, and set the “MouseLook” on the camera so it only turns left and right. (This will make it so you can move forward, back, left right, and you can rotate, pretty much like the first person controller, but zoomed out at a 3rd person perspective and not able to look up)

You can try somthing like this, or make your own script for the control of the player.

for the animations, just set a key, when its pressed, to play an animation (and stop the animation when the key is released) For example, following WASD, if “w” is pressed, play forward walk animation.

Hope this steers you in the right direction. (Tip, if you want the Player to only be able to rotate, and not move left or right, Turn off, in the character controller, the abilty to go left and right)