How to make this kind of control ?

Hi everyone. I am beginner on scripting.
I want to make a clone of this game
But a can’t understand how to make this rect to move like in thus game? Any ideias ?
I was using
gameObject.transform.Translate (3, 0, 0* Time.deltaTime);
It moved the Gameobject to fast ( time.deltatime didn’t work ).
Also anybodu know how to make particales folowing the Gameobject?

Have a look at the documentation to make sure you are using transform.translate method right.

You need to multiply the change (X-value) with time.deltatime. Multiplying the z value (which is 0) will have no effect. We use the time.deltatime to reduce the value so that after one second, no matter how many times the method has been called, the total movement will be the value you multiply it with (x-value).

You’re multiplying the third zero with deltaTime, instead of the x-coordinate. You want

gameObject.transform.Translate (3 * Time.deltaTime, 0, 0);

Also, you should really, really look into the tutorials, especially the scripting parts. Roll-a-Ball is a good starting point.