How to make timer activated after 321 go, no at the same time?

I want my timer to activate after my countdown script has hit 1. Right now the timer activates at the same time as my 3 2 1 go script since they are two seperate Java Scripts, how do I combine them so that it goes 3 2 1 and then the timer kicks in?

FYI this is a racing game.

My CountDown script to start game 3 2 1 go!

var guiCountDown : GUIText;
var countMax : int;
private var countDown : int;
function Start () {


function Update () {


function GameStart() {
var car = gameObject.Find(“F1Car”);
var drivingScript = car.GetComponent(“CarControlScript”);

for (countDown = countMax; countDown>0;countDown--){
	guiCountDown.text = countDown.ToString();
	yield WaitForSeconds(1);


My Timer script

var timer : float = 60;

function Update ()
timer -= Time.deltaTime;
if(timer ← 0)
timer = 0;
//Does something after reaching 0
function OnGUI()
GUI.Box(new Rect(50, 50, 50, 20),“” + timer.ToString(“0”));

Hi Dakinegabe,

In my opinion you should use the new UI system if possible. I’ve done a really simple scene with what I think is you are trying to acomplish (the count down 3, 2, 1 is in red, Go! in green at the middle and the overall timer in black at the top). You can modify it to use GUI.Box, but I think you’ll have better results and control over your UI if you change to the new UI system.

CountDown Example Scene : MEGA

If you need any help or clarification about the scene set up or the scripts, please ask.

Hope this helps.