How to make toon shader work with terrain place trees?

Hi everyone

I like toonshader more than edge detect, so i was trying out to put toon shader on trees and it worked. But what didnt work was the terrain's place trees tool.

I got this notification: The tree Tree1 must use the Nature/Soft Occulsion shader. Otherwise billboarding/lighting will not work correctly.

The tree seems to work as it should as an game object and i could place all the trees one by one to the level i have. But i would like to know if there's a way to make the terrain tool to work with the toon shader.

Thank you for your attention

Look, since you’ve asked a long time ago, i don’t know if it’ll help, but…

Mass placing toon shaded trees is possible. Though not as easy as shading the terrain. Do this:

-Locate in the project tab the tree prefab you want to toon shade (example: terrain assets-> Palm)

-Drag the prefab to your scene and apply toon shading to it as you would to any mesh (by dragging the shader material on top of it)

At this point, the tree will lose it’s texture (most likely), re-apply it to the mesh.

-Create → New prefab. This prefab will be your toon shaded tree. Save the tree in your scene as this new prefab and re-alocate it beside the other mass-placeable trees.

Now you’ll be able to mass place it, but you’ll notice there’ll be an issue with billboarding (it’ll look transparent). Solve this through the terrain properties → Billboard start