How to make updates that don't affect game progress?

If I publish an update for a game, all the progress from the previous version is always reset. So what I want to do is find out how to make updates for games that don’t change the game progress so the player has to restart everything.

I’m sure this is possible, could anyone lend me a hand?

Have you viewed the Persistence Learning tutorial? At about 29 minutes into it, it starts to cover the basics of creating a save file which is independent of the game itself. If you store this information in a directory outside your game files it should persist even through updates.

thats super easy if you are using PC. Simply Save a progress file to a folder outside the actual game folder. if PC…no need for using Application data path. you should be able to save to any random path you create on the users C drive if you are building for a standalone player. then i cant see how your save file would be affected?