How to make variable public "In whole script" from update function?

If I want to make my:

“Input.GetButtonDown(“Jump”);” (Checked in Update function)


"PlayerControl = GameObject.FindWithTag(“Player”).GetComponent(FullShipController); (checked in Start function)

available from within whole script, what should I do?

(Example: i have Update function which checks for input and MoveShip function which… moves ship and PlaySound which plays sound when moving ship and i don’t want to write same variable is different places)

Declare the variables as private, at the beginning of your script, outside of any function. When assigning values to them inside a function, these values should get stored outside the functions but inside the script ( = “script-public”).

Like this:

private var PlayerControl : [sometype];
private var Button : boolean; 

function Start(){
 PlayerControl = [whatever];

function Update(){
 button = Input.GetButtonDown("Jump");
 blablabla...divide shoesize by age, multiply with euler-quaternions...blablabla

The easiest way would be to declare a variable in the scope of the whole script and then update it when required, like so:

bool doJump;

FullShipController playerControl;

void Start() {

    playerControl = GameObject.FindWithTag("Player").
    //Note: this will be null if the object is not player controlled.

void Update {
    if(Input.GetButtonDown("Jump")) {
    } else {
        doJump=false; //or set this to false when you actually do the jump