How to make work a collision when is invisible?

Im trying to make visible an invisible object so when it's trigger with this object the other object it make it visible but the problem is that it dont works beacuse the object is invisble.

What I want to ask is that if there is a way to consider the invisible object(example: collider,rigidbody,mesh,character controller,etc...) so it can work like that.

Please someone help me.

Whether the mesh renderer is enabled, disabled, or removed completely has no bearing on how much space an object takes up in the game world nor how it physically behaves.

Try this out:

Void Awake()
transform.renderer.enabled = false;

void OnCollisionEnter ( Collision TestCollision)
transform.renderer.enabled = true;

Colliders aren't visible anyway, so it doesn't matter if an object's renderer is active or not, or if it even has one.