How to make your 3d game lighter for mobile devices?


I have build a pinball game in unity 3d for android and for some low mobile devices it is running slowly.
I was thinking about hiring a unity expert to lighten up the code so it would run better on all devices.

But I wonder if this is possible.
Can you make a game preform better by changing the code?
I have to add this was my first unity project and it’s very messy. (Javavscript)

Thanks for helping

There’s many easy ways to do that. Some of them are

→ Reduce draw calls, you can do that by using some plugins here is a really good one but is payd
Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making there are others, and some of them are free, just go and seach for them.

→ Use the unity profiler, with that you can see what is consuming more processing power and you can see what scripts need to be optimized.

→ Avoid too much workload on the Update() funcion, try to split your code in other funcions and only call them when needed.

I hope this can help you :wink:

Yes you can optimize code but use your Unity profiler and see where the time is being spent. If it’s 90% render/draw/setpass/etc, a minor code tweak is unlikely to get your the breakthrough you need.