how to make your own character.

I would like to ask a question about the creation of my own character. I am using the asset store to import a character model to my scene; however i can’t make the character run nor walk since he doesn’t have any anim files in his .fbx file (Even though he moves in the scene he stays frozen in a T-shape). Is there an easy and quick way to solve my problem? I have found some anim files in other character model packages which i can’t use because these whole characters are unsuitable( i need the character to be a guide so a soldier model won’t do) and i don’t know how to isolate these anim files to embed them into other unanimated characters(mesh + textures) i’ve downloaded. Thanks in advance.

Unity doesn’t have a modeling tool, but you can find software all over the internet. Blender is fairly easy to use.

You solve with Mixamo. Mixamo will build animations in fbx that you can import into unity and assign to animator.
Animator is then assigned to the character.
About the character use FUSE. Also from Mixamo.
cross fade through animation via Cross.Fade and you good to go.