How to manually edit player prefs file on android ?

i have an old plugin that saves data to unity player prefs file, but since unity changed player prefs
location i have to manually load & modify the old player prefs data.

i tried using xmlDocument, however, it behaves very weirdly.

Weird Behavior

  1. xmlDocument changes only take place after closing the game

  2. if i change or even delete the player prefs file , then let the plugin add its data to player prefs, the old deleted file suddenly re-appers as if it was not deleted

  • anyone have any idea why saving doesn’t occur immediately ?

  • how does the removed file re-appears ?
    (does it have to do with the player prefs path being protected or something ?)

  • any other way to modify the player prefs file manually ?


  • i spent 2 days debugging this, i’m calling the xmlDocument.Save(), i tried using stream reader & writer & closing them but that didn’t help,

  • the plugin isn’t the cause if the issue, since it works correctly with older unity versions before unity changed player prefs path)

Hi @slake_it, as you asked me by email, I think firmly that FileManagement was the perfect alternative to your save system, so you don’t need to worry about XML parsing no matter which platform you deploy.
I hope it worked well in your peoject.
Best regards.