How to math sword swing to attack animation?

Hi, I’m having problems with my sword swinging. Ive made the sword the child of the hand object and when the player presses the attack button, the sword does not match the direction of it. so what is the best method of doing sword combat. Should I create sperate animtions for the sword? Should I create the sword and character attack animations in one fbx file? In the image below it’ll make more sense of what I mean.


If you have rigidbody in sword just remove that

You have to create an actual slot gameobject where you attach weapons / tools to. This slot gameobject should be a child of your hand and in the right local position and orientation. Usually you want the z axis being the “main axis”. All your weapons / tools you want to attach also should have the correct orientation relative to the slot. It’s common when you have the model of your weapon, that you actually attach the model to an empty gameobject. That empty gameobject will actually be your weapon prefab which you might instantiate and attach as a child to your slot. When you create your weapon prefab you simply can rotate the model inside the prefab root object so it’s aligned correctly.