How to measure the force by which Two rigid Bodies collide?

How to measure the force by which Two rigid Bodies collide and in the reaction add force to other object in opposite direction. For example in the cricket game how the force is measured b/w bat and ball . If player blocks it add a min force to the ball and if he plays the shot he ball goes too far for a four or a six. I will say that just simple addforce() component will not work. it will just apply the force every time when it hits the bat doesn’t matter it is blocked or a shot played.

If you are using the physics engine and rigid bodies on your objects shouldnt that calculate everything for you?..

If you wanted some equations you will have to research this a little unless someone else knows it off hand but,

When 2 objects collide the force behind each object transfers to the other object so to speak,

So since time is not worth calculating(when hitting a ball) its an instant transfer of energy (ForceMode.Impulse in unity)

Then just find out the energies of each object and subtract each from each other.

Energy = Mass * Speed or Velocity

initial bat energy = 10

initial ball energy = 2

bat energy after impact = 8

ball energy after impact = -8 or 8

something like that :slight_smile: