How to 'merge' scene objects from one scene to another without losing prefabs?

I'd like to 'merge' many objects from one scene to another, like the 'merge' operation found in the 3D modeling apps. The objects I want to merge are mostly prefabs. If I parent them to a game object and turn that one into a prefab, I can easily include them in another scene file, but they are losing their prefabs.

So could you please lighten me on what's the best workflow for this task?

Thanks a lot!

Just a quick hack, but I just highlight everything I want to move over from the hierarchy, hit copy and then open the new scene and hit paste.

Moves everything over from one scene to another just fine on my end. I could possibly see complications if you try to move a lot, however.


So that's how Macs work! :) Nice to know. It looses the prefabs though..

I just wrote a script to help a lot with this (without losing the prefabs):


There is another way of doing this that I'm using. The method and the Script are described here:

Hey there! We just posted a nifty tool to AssetStore that does this :slight_smile:

Check it out!