How to migrate data to Unity (PlayerPrefs) from Cocos2d-x (UserDefault)?

I am trying to migrate an Android game made in Cocos2d-x to Unity. I need to be able to access the existing data saved in the device when the app is updated to the Unity version.

The source code for the cocos app seems to save data like this (using UserDefault):

// cocos2d-x saving data
userDefault->setIntegerForKey("coins", coinCount);

In Unity, I am trying to access the same data with this (using PlayerPrefs):

// try to get saved data (outputs 0)

I am not getting the expected value. All I get is 0 (default). How can access that saved data?

PlayerPrefs saves the data in this location


while cocos2d according to this 1


double check in the device itself, they probably point to different locations