How to model to avoid orientation problems

I have a simple tank model,

but for some reason, when it is imported and I place it on the ground of my level. The X and Y are rotated by -90 (or + 270) degrees. This prevents it from aiming correctly at the player when I apply a lookAt script to it.

here is the script

    var myTransform : Transform;

function Update () {
transform.rotation.z = 0;
transform.rotation.x = 0;

However in MAX, my pivot points are OK. And the script works OK as well. I am positive that this is caused by the model, because I have applied the same script to a cube with a rectangle parented to it, and it behaves as it is supposed to.

What is it that I have done wrong with the modeling ? Any idea ?

possibly when making the model you had it turned on the wrong axis.... you could just go back and rote it 90 degrees and everything should be fine :D have a merry christmas


Or rotate it the correct way in unity3d and than place it in an empty game object... attaching all scripts to the empty game object instead of the model...