How to Modelling A Tree which can fall on Unity?

i’m sorry if my question has been answered somewhere and sorry for my bad english language. i’m new here and get little bit confused when create tree on unity. but it has done. now my question.

it is possible to make the tree fall when we chop it down?
and does another program like blender can make the tree fall too? if yes, does that tree must animate there or we can do it on unity after importing the asset without animated/animated?

i see some video and i see the tree has 2 part i think. 1 has branch/trunk in bottom and has cutted already. i see he/him drag to separate these tree.

oh and i see the game too like survival game, i love that tree when falling, half of the tree has fall, but half of the tree is still standing (bottom of tree).

i have search it on documentation,and then forum but only found script, i’m also found how to create a tree from tree creator, speed tree paint.

i cant find how to modelling/make own tree and these tree can fall. thanks

I think it’s a good solution to use the two-part-tree approach. model the tree cut in half. Put it together in Unity. Add colliders to both and additionally a Rigidbody to the top part with isKinematic enabled. When the tree is chopped down, set isKinematic to false and Add a force at the top so it falls off.