How to modify a box collider

I put a box collider in a 3D model, prefab, etc. It default places it center mass, but how do I manipulate the box (Move, Re-size, Rotate) like I would with any regular object?

You cannot rotate it, but you can change the center and the size in the Editor. Just select the game object with the box collider, and look at the Box Collider component in the inspector. You will see a ‘Center’ and a ‘Size’.

If you want to modify the box collider at runtime, the safest thing to do is to use GetComponent() to get the BoxCollider component. Then you can manipulate the ‘size’ and ‘center’ variable.

Could this be suggested to the good folks at Unity, to allow rapid manipulation of the colliders using the transform tools, rather than punching numbers? Selecting the Box Collider could activate whether the transform tools effect the mesh or the collider.

How to submit a feature request?