How to modify the Controls to add mouse functionality on Mixamo Playable Packs?

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to setup a character i bought from mixamo to use it in a 3th person game… is a soldier character that includes various animations and a mixamo basic controller script that handles all movement of the character. The thing is i’m learning on the go, and some things are really far away from my knlowledge. One example is advanced scripting part(or not so advanced) ;)). The script they include uses “q” and “e” keys to rotate the character with the correct animation. but i want to use the mouse to rotate de character. Here is when i loose my head…
I’ve tried to modify the script adding parts of the code used in the mouse look script, but can’t get the character animate right.

Have anyone tried something similar?

Thanks a lot

It’s a simple as switching “Input.GetKey(KeyCode.Q)” (or GetButton(Whatever)) over to “Input.GetAxis(“Mouse X”) < 0”.