How to morph shapes in Visual Effects Graph

I’m trying to manipulate the visual effects graph to morph into shapes based on model meshes.
Currently I have two approaches going that each does almost what I need, but has a minor problem.

Point Caches

The first approach is using a Point Cache and applying that to the particles initialize position.
This works great in that the particles spawn in the shape I need.
Unfortunately I cannot expose the point cache in the VFX parameters to change this dynamically.

Is there a way to get the visual effects graph to use different Point Caches dynamically?
Or maybe a way to disable the content blocks dynamically?

Singed Distance Field

The second approach was to conform to a signed distance field, which works great and actually feels closer to what I need.
I can also expose the texture3D in the VFX parameters and swap it out dynamically to get the shapes to morph.

Unfortunately I’m not 100% on SDF’s and how to make them from meshes.

I found this which looked very promising : GitHub - xraxra/SDFr: a signed distance field baker for Unity
I slightly modified it to output the texture3D asset needed for the particles, and is was pretty succesful at swapping things out on the fly.

But after a couple of hours playing around, the generated SDF meshes always looked somewhat warped and deformed ( maybe I’m missing something obvious ).

Is there a ‘nice’ way of converting meshes to a SDF texture3D for use in Unity?

Heya- did you have any luck with this? I’m trying to assign point caches dynamically. I don’t need to assign at runtime, I just don’t want to create a new graph for every mesh in my scene that uses the effect.