How to Move a Cube


I just want to know how i can move a cube with mouse. can somebody help me ?

i just want that after i press on a button there is created a cube which hangs on my cursor and after clicking the cube is placed on a plane. I need the script as c# script.


I'm not sure what Unity you have, but if you do a search in your Project Window for 'DragRigidbody'. Simply add this to your cube (make sure it as a rigidbody attached to it).

Should be a start.

I'm trying to build a Tower Defense. and it should normaly work like one, im Pressing the "tower" button, and after it im alowed to place it on my terrain ( its just a plane in this case)

here a picture, of it.

Have a look at this Youtube-video: Unity Tutorial: Building Placement - YouTube