How to move a Game Object from a script not attached to it.

Hi I am making a Soccer 2D Game and I seem to have a problem with everything I try to implement if you can see my former posts haha. But my newest problem is that I want it so when my net is collided with by the soccer ball (which will add 1 to the score) I want it to reset all of the characters positions. From what I understand the way to do that would be to use the transform function to change the position of the player and the ball. But since (from my very limited knowledge) I believe that you can only use the transform function if the script is attached to the player. But the script where the ball collides with the net is attached to the net. Please give me some insight on how to move the player to his starting location when the ball collides with the net (or when +1 is added to the score, whatever you believe would be easiest)

You can use GameObject.Find(“Player”) to find the player object from the net. That returns a GameObject which has a transform component.