How To Move a gameObject together mouse cursor

Could anyone help me, I would like to know for moving a GameObject with mouse cursor only in the x and z axis, equal to the google maps street view

What do you mean with street view? You mean dragging the green man around?
If you want the object directly under mouse cursor, you may use “ScreenToWorldPoint”. Be careful with the camera you are using, don’t use the current active camera because it may mix with other cameras especially with the camera that you use for Gui. So explicity set your camera and use ScreenToWorldPoint with that.

Vector3 pos        = YourCamera.ScreenToWorldPoint(Input.mousePosition);            
transform.position = new Vector3(pos.x, 10.0f, pos.z); // 10.0f is up to you...

Another method is to move your object with MouseX, MouseY axis movements.

transform.position += new Vector3(Input.GetAxis("Mouse X"), 0, Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y"));