How to move a planar object around a sphere?

I am trying to use LookAt() function so that the camera at the center of the sphere always looks at a planar object which can be moved using controls of W,A,S,D. I want the plane of the object to always face the camera. I know that setting the LookAt() for the object to the camera will get this done. But it restricts the other rotations around the forward vector.

An example will be of any person standing on the face of the Earth. We are free to rotate to any direction we want but our feet always points towards the center of the Earth.

I haven’t tested this but it should work. Use the hierarchy system. Use this lookat function on one object to give the orientation you want, then create another object as a child of this one and control the other rotations you need from its local coordinate system.

Understanding more about your game goal would help me give good advice. One way to solve this problem is to separate out the two rotation. That is, use an empty game object as a parent to the plane. The empty game object get the LookAt(). The plane gets the Rotate() around the ‘Z’ axis or has a ‘Z’ rotation assigned to Transform.localRotation. Note using a plane that has a natural vertical orientation rather than than the build-in plane with a horizontal orientation makes this job easier.