How to move a scene from project to another ??


Finally i finished my game but unfortunately I got another problem witch is the project name .. yup the project name is "2D gameplay tutorial" and that for sure isn't a good name to appears to the people who want to play it ..

PLEASE!! if there any way to move the whole scene to another project .. or at least a way to change the project's bad name.

Help me PLZ )":

Select your scene in the Project view, then go: Right-click > Select dependecies. Right-Click > Export Package.

Create a new project, import the package, and voila, good ol' assets in a brand new project. Use the occasion to get rid of all the unused assets and cluttering stuff.

There is an other way that works for me.

Find the Unity Folder → Unity Games → and look for your project folder (here, it is 2D gameplay tutorial).

Then rename the folder and that should do it!

Make sure to duplicate the folder before renaming it so you have a backup!!!