How to Move an object from one spot to another?

Hey what’s up Unity Ppl! I need some help.

I’m trying to make an object move from one place to another by using a GUI Function. For example this is what i’m doing.

I click on the Object and then 2 GUI Buttons Pop up. And ask Will you like to move your Object to the left side of the table? or the Right side of the Table? and i click left. How can i make the object move to that spot and stop once it’s at the left spot of the table?

I tried this out but i think i made it move but it doesn’t really look like its moving. It just looks like it teleported there or sumthing lol.

Please help if you can, i’d appreciate it.

You can use MoveTowards function to move your game object at desired position.

Alright cool. that sounds alright. It helped. But I figured out i couldn’t make another GUI button appear up when i click my first GUI button. So now i want to make it like an object will go to the position where i clicked. But i’ll ask that some where else. But thanks your tip did help.

Try with Vector3.Lerp (or) iTween.Move …