How to move an object to a height


I’m new to scripting and I need to make a object slowly move up and stop at 30 on the y axis. It must be done in C#

So far I have this:

while (transform.position.y < 30)
	    transform.Translate (Vector3.up * Time.deltaTime, Space.World);

But the object just starts in the air. Please help.

That makes sense, how would I do that?
What confuses me is without the loop
it works fine, and slowly starts going
up; but with the loop it starts in the

Time.deltaTime is the time in seconds it took to complete the last frame (Unity - Scripting API: Time.deltaTime).

The while loop keeps on using the same value over and over until the height is reached and only then allows other code to run that updates the graphics and allows you to see anything.

Let’s suppose you ask me to use a pulley to lift a block. I can go to the pulley, start pulling and while the block is not high enough, I’ll keep pulling. Once the block is at the right height, I report back and tell you the job is finished, I execute the update once - you have only seen the stone in two states - bottom (before you asked) and top.

Now let’s assume I have no confidence in myself and am desperately afraid I might take the block too high. In this case I lift the block, tie it off and ask if it’s high enough - I update you. You tell me no, it’s not enough. So I return and pull a bit more. In this way, you see things slowly changing. That’s the difference. In graphics, you don’t see the change in the while because during the loop, there are no updates of the graphics, there is no pause.

In answer to your question, just replace the while with an if

if (transform.position.y < 30f)
    transform.Translate (Vector3.up * Time.deltaTime, Space.World);