how to move camera between two objects?

So currently im trying to make a 2D puzzle kind of game, and i want to trigger an object and make the camera move to another place, where the “action” is happening. i.e. i have a trigger that makes a pillar slide down somewhere else on the map, and i simply want the camera to move to that spot. How do i go about that? i’m fairly new to unity and havent messed around with the camera that much, except with making the camera follow the player around.
ps not asking for scripts or anything, but asking what methods i should read up on and use to make it happen, thx

The camera is just an object, and moves like anything else. Look up how to make a platform move from one point to another, then use that for the camera. Lerp and MoveTowards are common. Some things to note:

o Of course, the points aren’t really object A and B. They are “10 units over A” and “10 units over B.” Or, some people prefer “same x and z as B, but keep original y.”

o The camera can also aim, using LookAt. A smooth camera angle change is tricky. Easier at first to just set the camera to look down, and never LookAt or change that angle.

o If you can’t program at all, this will be super-hard. Just search for a script (unless you want to learn programming.)

A cute trick to smoothly change angle is to make an invisible point on A. Move it to B, while having the camera LookAt it. If the invisible LookAt point moves faster than the camera, then the camera appears to be be moving while “turning it’s head.” Also works with a stationary camera (but the angles might look funny.)

A camera is a gameobject and thus has a transform. There are plenty of methods to manipulate transform positions. For what you are doing I would recommend looking at Vector3.MoveTowards, it will give you a smooth movement to your target position.