How to move GameObject to an initial Point?

I need help in creating a script that moves my GameObject (cube) from the initial place where it was. My cube persues and kicks a ball, when he do this he stays in the place where he kicks the ball, but I want to move him to it’s original place. How to do this? Any help are welcome, thanks!

var initialPosition : Transform;     
var Cube : Transform;
function Update () { 

var distance = Cube.position - initialPosition;  
		if ( ( distance > initialPosition)) {
		Cube.transform.position = initialPosition.transform.position; 

Are you asking how to set a GameObject back to its original position? If so, it is really easy. Any GameObject’s position (transform.position) is a just a 3-dimensional vector coordinate (Vector3 in Unity). You just have to make a Vector3 member variable and assign it to transform.position in the Start method like this:

var initialPosition : Vector3;

void Start(){
    initialPosition = myTransform.position;