how to move multiple object towards the center(0,0,0) ?

how to Move multiple objects towards the center and also all of the objects should stop moving after approaching certain distance to center…

The distance between the multiple objects and center must be same.

I need javascript Or C# coding

something like this:(I am writing the code without editor so there might be some typos also you might want to optimize it if you are doing this for large number of objects)

inside your objects script:

float move = 0;
void Update()
  if(move < 1)
     move += Time.deltaTime * speedFactor;// whatever you want the speed to be
	   move = 1;
	transform.position = new Vector3(Mathf.Lerp(originalPosition.x,target.position.x,move),Mathf.Lerp(originalPosition.y,target.position.y,move),Mathf.Lerp(originalPosition.z,target.position.z,move));

Obviously you target position will vary for each object… but an easy way you can set it to 0,0,0 and instead of comparing move to 1 you can use 0.8f or something like that