how to move object different positions in time

Hello, I have a question about moving object to different positions.

I have an object that rotates in clockwise and I want to change this rotation every 3 seconds or every spesific position.

I’m using transform.RotateAround(scoreZone.transform.position, Vector3.forward, speed * Time.deltaTime);

for rotating arround. I want to make this stop every 3 seconds and rotate anti-clockwise position. How can I do that?basicly rotate different positions every 3 seconds or spesific x-z-y

Here is an UNcomplied/untested/incomplete example, but it should get the idea across:

float lastFlipTime=0;
float direction =1;


   if(Time.time > lastFlipTime + 3.0f)  // here we check the current time, against our lastFlipTime.. to see if 3 seconds has elapsed.  If so, we negate the direction.
    {  direction *= -1;  
       lastFlipTime  =Time.time; }

   transform.RotateAround(scoreZone.transform.position, direction * Vector3.forward, speed * Time.deltaTime);
}//end Update